Psychotherapy and rehabilitation counseling services for the high achieving, driven professional who has experienced life-altering challenges.
We offer individual and group services to persons seeking more insight into the fractured areas of their personal and professional lives. If you are a high-functioning individual and have acclimated to living a compartmentalized life and carry emotional turmoil from your past, we offer therapeutic services for you. Some of the largest companies are run and operated by individuals who have survived intensely painful, personal challenges who have tapped into their natural strengths. Resilience is an innate quality that requires careful molding in order to learn how to channel the complex nuances that make up life. 

Our specialty areas focus on multi-layered needs of high-achieving individuals who have utilized their own resilience to build success.

Common needs that high-achieving individuals struggle to navigate include: ​
(including partners of addicts/alcoholics)
Cultural and Spiritual Identity
Cognitive, Neurological and Medical Impairments
Life Transitions
Acquired Injuries/Functional
Relationship issues/Break-Up/Divorce
Addiction (Substance Use Disorders)
Love Addiction
Sexual Trauma/Abuse/Assault
Grief and Loss (Complex Loss)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Developmental Trauma (Childhood Trauma, Family of Origin, Attachment wounds, Gaslighting and Narcissistic abuse)

​Betrayal and Infidelity Trauma 

Additional populations that we serve:
Mental Health Therapists
High performing professionals
Business Entrepreneurs

High-performing individuals commonly channel their lived experiences, into their productivity without taking time to address their pasts. We ignore our intuitions, despite knowing there is something 'off'.

At Hamsa Healing Space, we provide a tailored approach to therapy by accounting for individualized needs. We offer  a focus on the 'atypical and unorthodox' needs.   We walk you through the entire process to ensure a concrete transition to change. 

The Hamsa protects it's wearer by blocking out bad vibes and bad energy, and welcoming in postive vibes and positive energy


What is a Hamsa?

The Hamsa is a protective symbol that has been used by many cultures throughout history. It brings its owner happiness, health, and fulfillment. With the fingers pointing to the sky, it is a powerful sign of protection and shields us from our inner emotions of internalized blame, guilt, and shame. When the fingers point down, it opens us up to receive goodness from the universe.

We serve a wide range of populations and our areas of expertise can be viewed under SPECIALTIES tab.


Female Doctor
A couple at a business meeting
Professional Woman
Support Group

Find a career that is right for you by identifying interests and skills appropriate for work settings.

Confidential and objective experience with a licensed professional to support you in identifying unmet needs that may be creating barriers in your life.  

Develop insight into how your experiences may be impacting you. Meet others who have shared experiences.



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