The Hamsa protects it's wearer by blocking out bad vibes and bad energy, and welcoming in postive vibes and positive energy


What is a Hamsa?

The Hamsa is a protective symbol that has been used by many cultures throughout history. It brings its owner happiness, health, and fulfillment. With the fingers pointing to the sky, it is a powerful sign of protection and shields us from our inner emotions of internalized blame, guilt, and shame. When the fingers point down, it opens us up to receive goodness from the universe.

At Hamsa Healing Space, we provide a tailored approach to therapy by accounting for individualized needs.  We specialize in the subtleties and nuances of helping you identify what is missing. We walk you through the entire process to ensure an easy transition to begin your healing. We will help you make sense of everything that has felt 'off' and lead you to your new beginning. We provide Therapeutic and Rehabilitation services to persons in need of Psychological support.



Find a career that is right for you by identifying interests and skills appropriate for work settings.

Confidential and objective experience with a licensed professional to support you in identifying unmet needs that may be creating barriers in your life.  

Develop insight into how your experiences may be impacting you. Meet others who have shared experiences.

Support Group


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