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Women's Betrayal Trauma Group

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Women's Betrayal Trauma Group

You're constantly ruminating and can't stop the bombardment of thoughts and images. You're experiencing waves of resentment, anger, and fear. You were told you were 'crazy' and have been told to 'move on and get over it'. You desire to re-build trust but feel overwhelmed, lost, angry, and a profound sense of betrayal. You've expressed your desires and identified boundaries but struggle to overcome fear of leaving. This virtual group is designed for female partners who have been betrayed through infidelity. This group focuses on identification of wants, needs, tolerance versus acceptance and maintenance of boundaries. Learn how to identify what is right for  you based on your individual needs.

Is this group right for me?

This is a process and psychoeducational group designed for females, ages 25+ who have experienced any form of  infidelity betrayal trauma. Participants will develop insight into unmet needs, build concrete coping mechanisms, and expand knowledge of compromises and boundaries.