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Women's Anger Management Group

You struggle with regulating your temper. After verbal altercations, your body feels exhausted and depleted.  You feel a deep sense of sadness and isolate after these episodes. You've struggled to identify why you can't just 'calm down' like others have suggested. You're able to 'put on a face' when needed but when with your loved ones, your anger often rears its' head. This virtual group is a place to learn about the complex nature of how unmet needs often translate into anger. You will develop an understanding of your nervous systems and the relationship with the primary emotion of sadness. You will improve your cognitive perceptions, develop healthy communication skills, and access your primary feelings.

Is this group right for me?

This is a skill-building and support group designed for females, ages 25+ who struggle with frustration, distress tolerance, and impaired communication when feeling angry. Participants will develop insight into symptoms, develop concrete coping mechanisms, and expand knowledge of unmet needs and boundaries.