Grief and Loss Adult Support Group

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Grief and Loss Group for Adults

You've lost a loved one, your mind isn't working and everything feels heavy, confusing, and overwhelming.  You feel like you're walking through cement. Your thoughts and feelings often don't make sense, you're indecisive, and your memories flash at un-expected times. It's daunting to try and contemplate life without this individual in your life. This virtual group is a space for adults who have lost a loved one and need support in attempting to make sense of feelings in a time of profound pain.

Is this group right for me?

This is a process and psychoeducational group designed for adult females ages 21+ who have lost a loved one. This virtual group is designed as a place for identifying stages of grief and examining expectations. Participants will learn how to develop self-soothing techniques for management of emotions and implement coping skills.