This is a private group for female survivors of sexual trauma. The group is for female adults, ages 18+. This group is designed for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse or/and sexual trauma in adulthood. The process group meets once per week and consists of psychoeducation, development and maintenance of coping skills, identifying boundaries, navigating interpersonal and professional relationships. Group members will learn skills to help them advocate for their needs and develop self-soothing interventions for continued healing after trauma. 

To learn more about our Survivors of Sexual Trauma group, or to suggest an additional group, please complete the contact form or send an email and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

Finding Yourself After a Breakup

A process and psychoeducation group for women seeking a place to make sense of heartbreak and separation. Learn how to reflect and correct chronic fantasizing and glorification and claim YOUR identity. This group is appropriate for females ages 18+ seeking a space for learning, reflection, processing, skill development, and interpersonal growth.

Briana is interviewed about her unique style of psychotherapy