Therapy for Therapists

Finding a provider as a Therapist, is a challenging process. We are human and have our own needs. As a therapist, you balance your own personal stressors with the needs of others. We encourage our clients to take care of their hearts, souls, bodies, and minds. In order to provide our best selves to others, we must nurture our unresolved needs.


Whether you are seeking guidance or a parallel walk together in your healing, therapy is meant to be a collaborative partnership. To be of service to others, requires healthy modeling to our clients. We must first - be a service to ourselves and clean our side of the street before aiding others in their path. 

Therapy is a place void of judgment and preconceived notions. Allowing ourselves the gift of vulnerability is an act of growth and gain.

In addition to individual Therapy, we run a Therapist Support group which serves as a soft landing for meeting with other professionals in the field of  psychotherapy in private practice. Our group offers a space to normalize our own feelings while balancing our professional stressors.

Therapist Support Group.png